Gamera 1965

The ShodaiGame in Gamera

The ShodaiGame (初代ガメ?) is the Gamera suit design used in the 1965 film, Gamera.


The ShodaiGame's name comes from shodai (初代?), meaning first generation, and Game, which comes from Gamera (ガメラ?).


The ShodaiGame is based on the appearance of a turtle, and has five clawed fingers on each hand, five toes, and a long tail. The underside of the shell has a brick-like pattern, while the top of the shell has several spikes protruding from it. The suit's face is made to look menacing, with small angry-looking eyes and huge tusks protruding from its lower jaw, as well as a very pointed snout. The ridge on the top of the head is also much more pronounced than it would be in later designs.

For Gamera's flying scenes, a miniature puppet about three feet in length was constructed, which was suspended by piano wire and filled with a mechanism that allowed it to spew flames from its arm and leg holes.









  • According to director Noriaki Yuasa, several weightlifters were hired to portray Gamera in the original film, but none of them were able to last more than three days due to how heavy the suit was.[1]


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