MireGame avoiding Sonic Beam
The AvantGame (アヴァンガメ,   AvanGame?) is the Gamera suit design used in the 2006 Gamera film, Gamera: The Brave.


The AvantGame's name comes from avant (アヴァン,   Avan?), meaning innovative or original, and Game which comes from Gamera's name.


The AvantGame is made to closely resemble Toto, Gamera himself (see below), having a flatter face and vertical tusks. It has a larger shell than other suits, and longer arms which bare spikes and extensions similar to the RegionGame suit. The AvantGame suit also departs from Gamera's typical color scheme, this time opting to be predominantly brown with a yellowish underbelly.


  • Isao Kaneko, the director of the special effects team briefly revealed in 2016 that Toto and the Gamera in 1973 are the same individual; Gamera chose to explode to release internal energy and to rebirth as Toto.[1][2]



Gamera: The Brave

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